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A true ‘digital native’ Colby Dix has been designing websites, logos, advertising, poster art and more for over twenty years. Everything from simple business cards, tee shirts, event posters, stickers, web and print can be evidenced in abundance. Here are just a few examples of his work.

Selected Websites

Snug Life Apparel came to us wanting a clean site design that showcased their products simply and effectively with a simple paypal based shopping cart system. We used a wordpress backend to streamline user updates and scalability.



Deerfield Valley Community Cares is a  501c3 doing great things to assist those in need with home heating oil and propane. They wanted a vibrant site to promote their ‘Best Dam Walk’ that was color rich and graphically dynamic. Built the old fashioned way, but fully W3C compliant.


Concrete Detail is an artisan concrete design firm doing beautiful work in Southern VT. They came to us with a very clear idea and a vision for the look of the site. We used Dreamweaver to manipulate the html, css, java, and spry elements to create a seamless amalgam of the various coding languages with a gorgeous final product.


Nicki Steel is a Southern Vermont photographer that wanted a new twist on a photography website. Moving away from the standard black background and stark web design elements and into something that had a much broader appeal. Flash header, Fireworks image galleries round out the various design elements.


Selected Logos (click for larger view)

Vermont Geeks iconic logo was designed with a bit of 3D and a ‘superhero’ effect, while keeping the green and blues of Vermont at it’s core.

The town of Dover, Vermont was in need of a logo to promote itself in line with it’s economic development efforts. A true ‘design by committee’ approach landed upon this design which was then used for everything from print/online media to the signs marking the entrance to the town.

Summerhill Alpacas is a small yet successful farm in Jacksonville, VT. They wanted to showcase the green mountains on an elliptical design.

Selected Promotional Designs

A Case Study

A local bookstore was devastated by Hurricane Irene and we volunteered our services to design a tee shirt for their fundraising efforts. Time being of the essence, these five designs were submitted within 24 hours of their initial request:

Selected Photography Examples

DSLR Gallery

iPhone Photo Gallery


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