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Why Colby Dix Is Running For Dover Selectboard

Communication, Common Sense, and Common Decency.

Communication is first and foremost. There seems to be a real lack of genuine communication between our board and the residents of Dover, I aim to change that with better use of technology to get the information to the people. Communication is a two way street and those lanes must be open so that we may adequately listen to our constituents and base our decisions on the majority and not solely on personal preference. I also vow to promote better transparency in our local government, with less hiding behind the over-used Executive Session and promoting clarity in our statements, arguments, and decisions.

Common Sense has also taken a backseat to personal agendas. This is just not the way of Vermonters and it should be something that we can all strive for. Simply evaluating issues, proposals and expenditures with common sense in mind will relieve much of the in-fighting and disparate opinions. We are a community, and a small community at heart for the majority of the year, but our appeal to the resort market is undeniable. Maintaining strong relationships with all local businesses, from Mount Snow to the sole proprietors that ‘get the work done’ around here will only improve our surroundings and further establish pride in our local economy and it’s well being. We must be fiscally conservative, but we must remain open minded to the possibilities and the opportunities that change can bring to our area.

Common Decency is the third directive and every bit as important as the others. Kurt Vonnegut once said ‘Perhaps a little less love and a little more common decency…’, to which I couldn’t agree more. At times our local government has become downright uncivil to constituents and fellow members alike. This is absolutely unacceptable. Respect for our neighbors is paramount to furthering our goals and realizing our potential. Listening to our allies and opponents alike only makes us stronger in our ability to decide with truly educated opinions. Close mindedness will only keep our town from prospering and stunt our growth in a time when growth is much needed.

I am running for Selectboard at this time primarily because I do not feel adequately represented. I am a young, local, small business owner. I was born and raised here in Vermont and take great pride in it’s history and future. I can no longer sit idly by and hope that these things will just work themselves out. I feel an obligation to get my hands dirty and get to work for my fellow townspeople, and for the benefit of our town. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and am well known to listen to both sides of the coin before making my opinion known. I welcome the opportunity to hear from any and all of Dover’s voters, whether it be to ask me a question, or tell me what they think.


Colby Dix