Data Backup/Recovery

Vermont Geeks Data Backup Services
Backup your DATA! All too often data is kept on a single hard drive. Whether you are a business with mission critical data or just an individual with a lot of family photos, losing that data can be devastating, and unnecessary. Having a working backup is essential and the single most over-looked necessity in computing. It is not a question of IF your hard drive will fail, it is a question of when. Let Vermont Geeks help you to secure your data. We can provide you with the hardware and software to properly insure that your information is safe. Online backups, RAID arrays and external drives are just a few of the ways employed to help in this arena.

Data Recovery Services
Data Recovery is notoriously over-priced. Vermont Geeks has the software and hardware to recover data from a crashed hard drive to allow you to get back to work promptly. When other companies tell you that they can’t recover your data, give us a try, more often than not, we can recover those lost files for you. In the event our software methods are unable to recover your data, we have a longstanding relationship and deeply discounted rates with one of the best clean room data recovery centers in the country.

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