Vermont Geeks Computer Repair
From installing a new printer to recovering your computer from the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’, Vermont Geeks is your source for resolving technical issues, correctly, and quickly. Our qualified technicians will take the greatest care to secure your system and to solve your issues, either in your home, or at our local office which is equipped with a fine array of trouble-shooting tools and is a well maintained environment for even the most delicate of repairs.

Network Layout and Design
Our experience in networks large and small is broad and comprehensive. Whether you have two PC’s or forty PC’s, fifteen Macs, and a Linux Server, Vermont Geeks has the knowledge and the power to help your operation run smoothly. Call for a consultation on improving your current system, and to implement the many outstanding innovations that make networking such a powerful tool for your business.

Remote Assistance
Vermont Geeks incorporates robust modern techniques that utilize your existing internet conection to allow us to help you even more efficiently. By connecting remotely, we can cut down on the driving to and from your business and solve issues faster, all the while reducing costs and pollution.

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