Monthly Archives: November 2008

Car Batteries. Battery Cars.

This is what I want to see.

Hybrid cars use batteries. Right now they’re kindof large for this idea, but that WILL change. Easily replaceable batteries is what I want. And I want the gas stations across America to be the changers. A universal battery size, that can be exchanged at a recharging station. For a fee of course. Because while making the batteries more efficient so that you can go say 200 miles without needing to plug in is excellent, but if there was a fresh battery available every 50 miles or so, life would be just fine…

Sex on the internet.


Okay, not really, but there sure is a lot of it. And it’s really pervasive. And freedom of speech is important, for sure, but freedom of lifestyle is pretty damned high on my list too, which includes the freedom to make things a little safer, especially in a family values sense.

I have a solution.

Yep. me.

Ready for this? It’s really simple. .sex instead of .com for all porn sites. Government regulaton. Not too much, but simple see. If you have pornographic content, you HAVE to use the .sex domain extension. Done deal. If you have porn on a .com, hefty fines, take the domain away, punch in the crotch, whatever.

The second part is equally elegant. A simple password on your computers web browser that allows access to .sex sites. If your kids don’t know your password, no porn. So easy. Go write your lawmakers…

Contact Your Rep
Contact Your Senator

This is by no means an original idea by the way, they have been trying to get the .xxx extension since at least 1999. But for some reason, the major opposition to this initiative is the Christian Right Wing folks and sadly, the Bush Administraton, which makes so little sense to me. Why leave the porn to the completely unbridled .com and .net’s when you can actually put it into a nice little box with control and propriety? Anyway, for the very few of you that read this, please go ahead and think about it for a little bit and please do go ahead and write your lawmakers to help get this back on the table. It’s complete nonsense for it to be continuously dropped.